About Seen Through Glass

I created the Seen Through Glass YouTube channel in September 2014. Initially just a hobby, it was a way of combining my love for cars and video making.

The channel gained over 100,000 subscribers in its first year and has now been viewed over 75,000,000 times. I often describe Seen Through Glass as a dodgy rip off of the old Top Gear. My videos range from epic road trips to test drives, challenges, interviews, travel and motorsport.

Over the past four years, I’ve been able to work with Formula 1 stars such as Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button and Max Chilton, presented online series for both AOL and MSN and produced bespoke content for global brands such as Shell, Michelin, and Infiniti.



A new exciting space for the cars, the podcast, and of course, Twiggy.


Where did the name Seen Through Glass come from?

I originally planned to film all my videos using Google Glass but I quickly found out Google Glass was very expensive and the technology sucked. I really liked the name Seen Through Glass and realised it could still apply to the glass of a car windscreen, camera lens, computer or television screen, so it stuck.

Is YouTube your full-time job?

Like many other YouTubers, I now have a few different ‘jobs’ but all of them are as a result of running the channel full time for the last few years. Before I set up SeenThroughGlass I worked in the music industry for 3 years and then in entertainment PR for 5 years. I didn’t go to university

What does the S1 MDF number plate on your Ferrari mean?

It’s the initials of my name. ‘Sam 1’ .. then the initials of my middle names and surname. It was a present to me from my parents when I turned 18.

What is your dream car?

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. For some reason I have always been obsessed with that car. I had the incredible opportunity to drive one a few years ago and it lived up to every expectation I had for it.

Where does your love of cars come from?

Firstly, Formula 1, which I have been obsessed with since I was about six years old. Secondly, my Mum, the only other petrol head in my family who used to let me sit on her lap and drive her at the age of 12.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

I change my mind every month as I tend to binge watch channels then move on. The biggest influences on my video style are probably Petrolicious, Peter McKinnon, Casey Neistat and Jon Olsson.

Favourite YouTube Experience?

Driving a 2012 Formula 1 car… In fact, that’s probably one of my favourite life experiences, forget YouTube.

What Would I Be Doing If I Hadn’t Started A YouTube channel?

Probably still working in PR. YouTube was only ever supposed to be a hobby, something to do alongside my nine-to-five job so if the channel hadn’t grown the way it did, I am sure I would still be in publicity.

What is the best car you have driven?

For me, the most important thing about a car is its character. I want the car to have some charm, something which most modern cars lack in my opinion. The 812 Superfast, McLaren Senna, 360 Challenge Stradale and Bugatti EB110 stand out in my mind.

Any advice for someone wanting to start their own YouTube channel?

Firstly, just get out and do it, stop making excuses. Secondly, be passionate about your subject. YouTube is a personality driven business. Don’t worry about camera gear and editing style – if you have something interesting to say and can deliver it in a passionate way, people will want to watch/listen.


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